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Phantom Cowboys interviewed by Famous Last Words

The Phantom Cowboys are featured in the latest interview at indie music site Famous Last Words. The band answered questions about their latest EP, Dead Men’s Clothes, their early days and their plans for the near future. You can read the entire interview here

SCreenshot of Hellacious Harmonies postThe band’s new Dead Men’s Clothes EP was also recently the subject of a rave review by Johnny O’Prez at Hellacious Harmonies blog. It describes The Phantom Cowboys’s sound, amogst other things as “dark, clever, melodious and urbane as fuck”! See the review here

Interview with the Bass Player

Phantom Cowboys’ bassist Rob was recently interviewed for the German fanzine site ‘Old School Psychobilly’ by John McVicker on the history of the band.

In this article (in English) the interview questions cover the history of The Phantom Cowboys from their formation to their eventual break-up and reunion in 2015.

Rob talks about the band’s not-always entirely comfortable relationship with the alternative, rockabilly and psychobilly scenes of the mid nineties and the events leading to the band and releasing creating their classic Down and Out at The Club Cruella album in 1998.

Read the full article at the Old School Psychobilly site