Gothabilly CD cover

Gothabilly – wtf?

Once upon a time, back in the late-1990s we were linked with an underground musical movement called ‘Gothabilly‘. We never set out to be ‘goths’ or ‘gothabillies’ – but possibly because we liked to wear black suits and shades, or possibly because a lot of our material referenced subjects from Edgar Allen Poe to vampire girlfriends, we found ourselves on the first edition of New York label Skully Records’ “Gothabilly” compilation series in 1999. Anyway – you can still find the Skully compilation featuring two tracks from the Phantom Cowboys (it’s yet to find it’s way onto Spotify, etc but you can sometimes find it for sale on Discogs. Anyway, we never claimed to be ‘gothabilly’ but we’re happy to be associated with it and we’re pleased if that brings people to our music. We’re also continually surprised to find what was always a very underground subgenre keeps coming back from the dead! Some articles on the gothabilly scene (mostly not about The Phantom Cowboys):