Dead Men’s Clothes (2017)

Diogenes Records – DIOGCD002 (CD) & DIOGEP001 (7″ vinyl) Dead Men's Clothes cover image 4 track EP available on 7″ vinyl, CD and digital. Features new, original tracks “The Hermit”, “Rosemarie”, “Dead Men’s Clothes” and “Ghostwalk”. This was The Phantom Cowboys first release in almost 20 years, following their reunion in 2015. Buy on vinyl or CD from our shop >

Down & Out at The Club Cruella (1998)

Diognenes Records – DIOGCD001 Club Cruella album cover Classic debut album from the The Phantom Cowboys, featuring 11 original tracks of darkly humourous gothabilly and voodoo jive. Buy on CD from our shop >
The Devil’s Jukebox (1998)
Bone Tone Corporation – BTCD972 Devil's Jukebox CD cover Described by the publicity blurb as “a compilation of bands writing their own material, all totally out of step with, and oblivious to, current commercial tastes,” this compilation CD from Bone Tone was curated by Loz Dolan of the Hangmen. Includes three Phantom Cowboys tracks ‘The Fear Is Real’*, ‘Desert Nights’* and ‘The Reaper’ (* not the album versions).

Black Jacket Racket vol.2 (1999)

Skully Records (US) Black Jacket Racket vol.2 CD cover Compilation of rockabilly bands from US label Skully including Phantom Cowboys tracks ‘The Fear Is Real’ ( not the album version).

Gothabilly: Wakin’ the dead (1999)

Skully Records (US)  SKL-9902 Gothabilly CD cover Compilation of bands in the ‘gothabilly’ style from US label Skully. Includes Phantom Cowboys tracks ‘Transylvanian Girl’ and ‘Voodoo Bunnies’ (album versions).

Deathrow: The chronicles of psychobilly (2006)

Anagram – Deathrow CD cover Compilation compiled by Alan Wilson of The Sharks of bands who featured in the legendary ‘Deathrow Database’ fanzine.’ Includes Phantom Cowboys track ‘Voodoo Bunnies’.