Dead Men’s Clothes EP (7″ Vinyl 33 RPM)


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The Phantom Cowboys new EP released in October 2016 featuring four brand new, original tracks: ‘The Hermit’ ‘ Dead Men’s Clothes’ ‘Rosemarie’ and ‘Ghostwalk’. 7″ vinyl with colour cover sleeve and label. NOTE: This record plays at 33 RPM! This may seem unusual for a 7″ record, but sound quality drops significantly at 45 RPM over 6 minutes per side. At almost 10 minutes per side, we wanted to ensure you got the best possible sound quality. This was a slightly late decision in the process, hence the lack of information on the sleeve. Apologies for this oversight/oddity.

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Weight 130 g
Dimensions 18 × 18 cm

7" vinyl (33 RPM)