Down & Out At The Club Cruella (CD album)


The classic, 11-track CD album debut album by the Phantom Cowboys, limited stock CD sold at special price while stocks last…..

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The classic, 11-track CD album debut album by the Phantom Cowboys. It was released in 1999 on their own Diogenes Records label.

The album was re-released on digital by Nervous Records some years ago and is no longer sold in CD format. However, we’ve found a limited stash of the original CDs which we’re selling at a special discount!

1. (One last drink at the) Club Cruella 2:35
2. Desert nights 2:27
3. Transylvanian girl 3:06
4. The fear is real 2:53
5. Voodoo bunnies 2:39
6. Robbing graves 2:16
7. Mansize in marble 3:16
8. Rhythm midnight 2:04
9. Surfers in the night 2:47
10.Fools gold 2:26
11.At the fair 8:27

“The Phantom Cowboys have charm, style, irony and wit in their songs and of the 11 tracks here – all of which are Cowboy originals – I can’t find one I don’t like…The fact is, buy this album and I guarantee you’ll all be raucously singing these tracks in the back of a coachin 30 years time as part of a pensioners piss-up day out. Yes, the songs are that catchy. Sarcasm, meets psycho[billy] with a touch of sophisticated smooth swing. As debut albums go, it’s one to be proud of.”

– Deathrow Database, July 1999

You can read the band talking about the inspirations and some of the stories behind the creation of the album here:

Track by Track – “Club Cruella” by The Phantom Cowboys

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